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Underground mining

Metal treasures in the deep


Metals such as silver and copper are extremely conductive and are used in all areas of the electronic industry today. Extraction is complicated: Often, the reserves lie several hundred meters underground.

Wilo section-type pumps are ideal for industrial use

When mining the ore at this depth, water - in this case, flowing ground and wastewater - poses a major challenge. Wilo section-type pumps are ideally suited for industrial use with high pressures, such as water removal in underground mining.

The art of Wilo engineering 200 meters underground


In the "copper belt" of Zambia, one tenth of the world's copper reserves lie more than 200 meters underground. When the ore is mined, a lot of water moves into its place: Up to 280,000 cubic meters of water must be pumped off over several hundred meters up every day. At the same time, it is contaminated to a great degree by aggressive copper sulphates and sulphuric acid.

Smooth function, even under extreme conditions

Mopani Copper Mines, the operator of the biggest copper mine in Zambia, relies on the German engineering talent of Wilo for handling the water of the Mufulira Mine. Under extremely harsh conditions, the Wilo pumps have not had any malfunctions or leaks so far. Reliability, from which the operator and the environment equally benefit.

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