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Power industry

Efficient solutions for increasing energy needs

Energy is the basic unit of life. Humans, animals, plants – they all need energy – and they consume it. This is why the worldwide energy demand is continuously and rapidly increasing. Therefore, it is one of the most important jobs of technological progress to use and produce energy more efficiently.

The maximum hydraulic efficiency lowers energy costs

A valuable contribution is provided by vertical turbine pumps from Wilo, which are used, for example, to pump cooling water. By using state-of-the-art materials and technologies, an extraordinary hydraulic efficiency of around 90 percent is reached with the pumps, which reduces energy costs considerably.

Peak results with the biggest vertical turbine pump in South Asia

The Anpara Power Station in India is one of the newest and also largest coal-fired power plants on the Asian continent. During the planning and completion, not only did the economic efficiency play an important role, but also the ecological balance. In order to satisfy the gigantic cooling water requirement of this 1,200 MW power plant, Wilo's experts developed a new type of pump.

Pump with highly efficient hydraulics achieve enormous savings

Five of these gigantic vertical turbine pumps are used to pump the cooling water. They have a drive power of 3,400 kW each and each pump 35,600 cubic meters of water per hour. These are also the biggest cooling water pumps made of metal ever built in the energy sector in South Asia. And thanks to the experience with highly efficient hydraulics, the energy-savings potential in this performance range is enormous.

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Power industry

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